Sourcing Of Raw Materials


BobQueen Royal Raw Material Sourcing Services Provide You With Turnkey Production And Delivery of materials needed for your production.

Handling raw materials costs valuable time and money. Consider the substantial savings you can enjoy outsourcing your raw materials needs to BobQueen Royal. We will source for the raw materials needed for your custom and toll manufacturing requirements. That way we can source, manufacture and provide the desired end products on a turnkey basis, eliminating sourcing headaches and inefficient transport costs for you and your company.


We offer solutions to help our clients source their direct materials from within and outside the country. We offer Low-cost country sourcing, near-shoring, off-shoring. We help with any aspect of our clients direct materials sourcing initiative, from supplier identification through RFP, negotiations, supplier qualifications & implementation.

We understand that the procurement of direct materials must be directly linked to customer satisfaction. If an inexpensive alternate product is in any way inferior to the product it replaces, then the cost saving benefits do not outweigh our customer’s, and their customer’s, ultimate satisfaction.

Our goal is to help you find the right supplier, in the right geography at the right price to deliver you quality and dependable direct goods, direct service and raw materials that you use in your end offering. We are often able to accomplish cost reduction while simultaneously maintaining or improving your quality and lead times.